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Trademark Classes: How To Trademark A Name & Logo

Trademark identifications and classifications do I have to add them all in my application at once from the very beginning or can I add the classes later?

We are going to be covering whether or not you can add a trademark class to your application down the road in the future when you are ready and you start expanding now the reason I love talking to you guys so much about this topic is because when you guys talk to me over the phone or you send me emails I can tell that you guys are super excited about starting your business you guys have so many ideas about what you’re going to do moving forward some of you for example have clothing brands some of you are musicians, artists and want to expand your businesses in the future you want to start selling merchandise or you want to then add services to your current product line you want to do one-on-one coaching so if you’re doing one thing now is it possible to add a totally different class an identification of goods and services down the road to that same application so that you just have one application with different classes and the reason this question is important to a lot of you is because it costs 350 dollars per class so do you need to be spending 350 times the number of different classes that you have up front or can you you know add those 350 as time goes on in the future so the trademark application can be tricky for a novice especially if you’re using some classes but you’re not using other classes this can totally change the layout and the game plan for your trademark application

So you want to make sure that you send me an email down below if you are confused at all about what exactly you should be doing and let me tell you that more times than not you might not even know that you need to be strategic about how you’re filing your trademark application but basically it’s going to be really important to know whether or not you are actually selling these goods and services when you file the application and how many goods and services do you want to include in the application so if you’re somebody that for example is an artist and you you know you’re a performer and you put on live performances and you also sell merchandise then that could potentially be considered two classes that:

You could currently introduce into your application today right now but let’s say you’re not there yet let’s say you’re a performer who’s not yet selling their merchandise can you still include the merchandise well yes you can but it’s going to look a little bit different than it is for somebody who’s actually selling both of those things right now so it begs the question would you be able to add merchandise down the road to this application and the answer is no once you submit an application then that’s it.

That’s the way the application starts and that’s the way it’s going to finish that’s the way it’s going to end up on the trademark examiner’s desk and there is no going back and changing it so there are very few unlimited circumstances under which you can change a trademark application and I’m going to highlight those in this blogpost feel right here so that you know if your situation is one of those in which you can go back and change something but when it comes to classes it’s not possible to six months down the road seven months down the road insert something new into the application so you want to make sure that you’ve strategized the proper application from the beginning which I can definitely help you do like I said earlier

I’ve been doing this long enough now and I really enjoy it and I love helping business owners protect their intellectual property for lots of you this is just the beginning it might just be your first trademark application so don’t feel like you have to stuff everything into your application you could work your way up you could do little by little some of the largest companies in the world have many many trademark applications and I know lots of you watching this video even lawyers love to repeat that but that is the fact of the matter that’s the way it goes as as your company grows as your business grows you might have additional slogans you might have additional logos you have a lot of different stuff worth protecting especially at as the products and services that you offer continues to grow


So again don’t feel like you have to stuff everything into one application but you should properly strategize if you also want to save yourself some money by spending a little bit more up front but you could strategize and also save yourself some money on the front end if you do everything properly now again send me an email it’s always free to do so I’m very happy to answer your questions and if you want to learn more and understand more about classes make sure you catch this video right here where I go into more of what an identification of goods and services is and how it’s even relevant to your trademark application now if you want to learn about trademark pricing and how that even works based on the number of classes make sure you catch that video right there