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MARCELLA™ – Trademark Attorney providing trademark registrations, renewals, and searches and contracts.



MARCELLA™ – Trademark Attorney providing trademark registrations, renewals, and searches.

I am a Nationwide Trademark Attorney

Providing Legal Counsel + Resources for "Creative Professionals"


I match your creative efforts by offering a wide scope of CREATIVE LEGAL SERVICES to keep you  #TMPROTECTED™.

A place where creative entrepreneurs and small businesses come together to learn about trademarks, entrepreneurship, and tech reviews. 

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What Clients Have Said !

Marcella is a wonderful person to have on your side when dealing with any worries concerning trademarks and patents. She has a patient but firm approach dealing with examiner actions and knows how to apply for initial applications which get qualified. She always answers questions in a timely manner and keeps me on top of the latest regarding my case. I couldn’t recommend a better patent attorney.

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Marcella is an exceptional professional, with a profound grasp of legal concept. She distills complex topics into layman's terms, that non-lawyers can understand. Marcella keeps her clients best interest at the forefront. I proudly offer my highest possible recommendation. If a legal occasion arises, she will be my first call.

W.P. Gassen

She assisted me with my traffic ticket at a very reasonable price. Kept me updated through the whole process. Marcella was courteous and professional.

Berenice Monarez

Very professional and courteous. Delivered as promised! Would definitely recommend to others! Thanks again!

Casa Nova

Marcella was insanely helpful and professional with helping me register and obtain my trademark. Even though we live on opposite sides of the country - it was extremely easy to communicate via email and get it all done

Matthew Allen

The law firm took great care of my business needs. I will definitely use them again if I ever have the need.


k Escribano

I worked with Marcella Dominguez for a trademarks issue and highly recommend her firm. She is kind, professional, timely and very reasonable!

Lisa Beres

Marcella is very responsive and pays attention to deadlines. Her professionalism is as good as it gets, we had multiple issues with a trademark and she was able to sort through the issues and solve the problems resulting in success. We have used her multiple times and will always use her when it comes to trademarks. please be confident and use Marcella with any trademarks needs!

Jeff Peterson

Marcella, trademark lawyer, helped me with trademark for our business

Patty Patty

Marcella, trademark lawyer, helped us register our company slogan, "YOUR VISION. OUR EXPERTISE." She was very professional and offered us very helpful advice. We highly recommend her.

Venturi Engineers LLC

Marcella Dominguez,trademark lawyer, helped me by identifying a fraudulent letter that was sent to me via mail, stating to pay them $1400. For trademark registration that was all fake!! She's the best @ what she does,and very fast to respond with the utmost professional assistance!!! Thanks marcella for everything!!!

Joseph Wade

I found Marcella through an online search. I am not a lawyer but I have done my own trademark. When it came time for renewal I botched it up. I tried the trademark office help employees as well as trying to communicate with the person who was handling my renewal. Didn't have much luck there. I needed help and Marcella appeared to have good reviews and was very affordable. After much back and forth and an easy way to pay for her services online, she took care of my problem. I would recommend her to anyone dealing with the patent and trademark office.


Marcella, trademark lawyer, helped me with filing a trademark for my coaching business. what I appreciated the most was the transparency, the amount of knowledge she has, and her diligent follow up with me. I am a very busy individual and I cannot afford much time to anything other than managing my business. So to have someone like Marcella follow up with me and see this project through is invaluable. I will continue to refer my business, and anyone else, to her.


Marcella, trademark lawyer, helped us with getting our band name trademarked. Her services were quick, professional, informative, and effective. Highly recommend working with her.

Novela Music

Marcella Dominguez, Trademark Layer, she help me with Trademarking my Amazon Brand Registry. She really do good service. I also chose the best option about the service she offered and the result is fantastic. Now I have my Brand Trademarked on Amazon about a few days ago. Everything goes so smoothly. Thank You.


Marcella did an amazing job representing my company in a trademark registration dispute. I do not know what I would have done without her help. She was very responsive and on top of my response and deadlines. My dispute was settled quickly and fairly.

Richard Busch

Hello! “Marcella” I just found your channel a couple of days ago the information has been really helpful and easy to digest so far thank you 😊


@TrademarkLawyer you are doing a great service 👏 please continue the great work.  You are definitely helping me on my journey.

Network Tunein

Gracias por colocar la Traducción 👏👏👏👏Thank so much .

Jenny Requena

Hey Marcella, What great knowledge u r sharing!! Thanks a lot, and keep up the great work....

Ahmed Bahaa

Great video, Thank you very much for the video. I will be "taking the dive" into filing for a trademark, sooner rather than later. I subscribed and will be watching the other videos on the channel asap. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

J.E. Walter

Thanks for the video, I truly appreciate it. I am going to watch it again.

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