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Who Is Marcella Dominguez, ArtsMusicLawyer?

CEO & Founder of Law Firm of Marcella Dominguez, PLLC CEO & Founder of Stowey Joey LLC
El Paso Chamber of Commerce: Biz Tank Winner ( 2017) $10,000.00 grant by Marcus Lemonis,UPS, Entrepreneur Mag.

Marcella has been listened to the advice of some successful entrepreneurs in the business world. She’s now created courses and videos on everything she’s learned that’s taken from her earning pennies to having a steady flow of income. She wants you to come along for the ride!

Billy Gene

Billy Gene is Marketing

Daymond John

Shark Tank

Marcus Lemonis

The Profit

Bethenny Frankel

Skinny Girl

About The Law Firm of Marcella Dominguez

“I started The Law Firm of Marcella Dominguez, PLLC to work one-on-one with business owners and build a resource for them. My goal was to show them that Entrepreneurship, Trademarks, and Copyrights are not scary. I realized that some entrepreneurs were valuing Intellectual Property and at the very least attempting DIY Registrations, but why weren’t they all? As an owner of two business I’ve gotten to understand many of the challenges that business owners face.


My law school journey might have come to an end, but as I continue my journey masterminding, attending conferences, Continuing Legal Education (CLE’s) courses, and learning from those who have “been there done that” I want to share it all with YOU. I want to share what I already know to be true in the field of Entrepreneurship, Trademarks, and Copyrights in an accessible, digestible manner so that you can take a little short cut along the way.


My goal is that you learn from these courses how to implement IP so you don’t have to spend an arm and leg attending law school. The shortest way to success is by getting a mentor, reading, and implementing. If trademarks and copyrights used to sound unfamiliar your perspective will soon be changed".

Marcella Dominguez

Trademark Anything With Our Newest Courses

How to Choose a Business Name For Trademark Registration

Avoid the pain of a failed trademark application!


What if you could increase your chances of securing a registration?

Imagine being successful on your first attempt at a trademark application?  

This is EXCLUSIVE information for those that like to save time and save money. 

Learn straight from an experienced trademark lawyer what you can do to increase your odds at succeeding. *Remember that the best athletes have trainers and the most successful business owners take advice from those that came before them.*

Will you do the same?

How to File a Trademark (Without a Lawyer)

“I don’t know what I am doing”

“The USPTO application looks intimidating”

“What if I mess up”

“A lawyer is too expensive”

“It sounds complicated”

Chances are you have thought at least one of these and avoided learning about trademark applications altogether. 

What if you could watch a lawyer go through an application. 

What if you could see what requests for information might be pertinent to you?

What if you could replace fear with knowledge and gain confidence?

What if you could WIN and successfully acquire a registered trademark and repeat the same process for your future applications?

How motivated would you feel to conquer the trademark application process?

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