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Trademark A Name Or Logo (Course): Successful Trademark Registrations Look Like This!!

  • What happens when you register a trademark like a business name a logo, slogan, tagline with United States patent and trademark office aka the USPTO?
  • What happens do you get a registration certificate how is it issued to you who notifies you is there someone to help you do they deliver it to you does someone call you so I’m here to answer all of those questions.

In this blogpost I am going to cover two very important things that you need to know about what happens when you register a trademark like a business name, Logo, slogan and tagline with the United States patent and trademark office so I’m going to start with the best part if you successfully register a trademark with the USPTO,you are going to:

1. Receive a registration certificate

But how do you get that certificate ? does someone hand deliver it to you ? do you get it via snail mail or do you get it electronically ? or does the trademark examiner call you up?

This question is pretty important because it’s what you’ve been waiting for the whole reason you applied and submitted that trademark application was because you want your trademark to be registered now this process can take quite some time and if you’re curious about how much time exactly?

I just want you to be aware that when you actually register your trademark the USPTO is no longer going to mail you your certificate now this is an update as of 2022, before 2022 the USPTO used to mail you a certificate on really nice paper and you could frame it and it would have a gold seal and because I know that you are curious about what those look like I’m going to show those to you right here

Now in my opinion this is a sign of a trademark attorney that has been doing this long enough because you’re shopping for trademark attorneys find out if they can show you an actual copy of a trademark registration certificate that they received for their clients but anyway this is what they look like when they would mail them to us.

But this is not the case anymore now there is a link that says registration certificate and this link is available through the trademark history as it relates to your trademark application so now if you want to copy you can go in there and you can print it and it’s as easy as that so please do not be expecting a call from the trademark examiner to let you know hey Your Mark has been registered this is where you can go to print your certificate or what is your email because I want to go ahead and print it and then send it to you.

No, the trademark examiner will not do any of that they will not call you to notify you either you will probably receive an email if you are receiving the status updates to let you know that your trademark has been registered but then it’s up to you to go in there and print it and that’s all.

So what else did you expect when you want to trademark a name or logo? Well you should should expect that this process is going to take quite a few months you can read this blogpost right here for the trademark related timeline of what to expect but the most important thing for you to know is that you have to have patience.

Can you communicate with the trademark examiner about any questions you might have? Yes, absolutely you can if you’ve hired an attorney like me then I’d be more than happy to communicate with the examiner on your behalf which is exactly the reason why people hire an attorney because it’s not something that they’re prepared to deal with or they don’t want to deal with if you want to submit a question for me to answer make sure you scroll down and you send me an email because it’s always free to do so and I love getting to know you guys on an individual basis and learning about your business journey.

You should also be aware that there are rules relating to what you can and what you cannot register so if you want to know what those rules are make sure you also read the blogpost where I have gone into more depth about what is registerable and what will definitely decrease your chances of achieving a registration.


Now I know that lots of you reading this video might already have a specific design in mind or a specific business name that you’ve pondered for a really really long time and you’re connected to it, you’re committed to it and you really don’t want to change it, now if that’s the case for you make sure that you consult with me if you’re concerned about the likelihood of it’s achieving a registration and I’d be more than happy to do so it’s always free to send me an email now there is so much other information that I could share in this blogpost regarding what to expect when you submit an application to be registered with the United States Patent Trademark Office but once we get to the end of this blogpost I’m going to highlight a couple of videos that you can watch that will definitely improve your understanding of the trademark journey I want you to be as knowledgeable as possible and this is the reason why this channel exists not only for your trademark needs but for your business needs if this video was helpful make sure that you give me a thumbs up down below because it will help me show up in the algorithm so that more business owners like you have free information to watch now until next time don’t forget to watch that video