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E2 Visa: Risking All Your E2 Business Money! (USA E2 Immigration Attorney)

You have to put your funds at risk in order to apply for an E-2 Visa. In this blogpost, I am going to go over

  • How much of an investment makes it at risk
  • I’m also going to go over what you could do in the event that you want to spend as little as money as possible to acquire an E-2 Visa to come to the United States
  • or have a change of status

The following are the requirements for an E-2 Visa:

1. Make a substantial investment into your business

You need to make a substantial investment into your business knowing whether or not your business will actually succeed so that is a scary thought for a lot of business owners right or for potential business owners not knowing whether you’re going to actually get an E2 Visa and then you actually have to invest this money into a business venture.

Have you thought of what happens if you invest it and you don’t end up getting an E2 Visa well it’s really important to know what you can do to put your funds at risk but also minimize that risk as much as you can so is there a strategy that you can employ?

Some business owners decide well maybe I should choose a business venture that doesn’t require a high startup cost or high investment so that I don’t have to you know lose all of my money in the event that I don’t get approved for the E-2 Visa but I definitely want to clarify something with you and that is that if the investment required to get your business going is smaller then you might actually have to face putting up the entire amount versus only putting up a partial amount and if the investment amount is higher.

So consider this, let’s say you want to start a food truck business and is going to cost fifty thousand dollars including materials and supplies let’s say person B wants to be in construction maybe they want to start building skyscrapers but in order to obtain the materials to start building skyscrapers they have to invest at least a million dollars well person a who wants to invest Us in the food truck may be required to show that all fifty thousand dollars has been invested into the equipment or into the food truck to show that they have put their funds at risk now this is compared to person B who instead of putting up all one million dollars might be able to put up eight hundred thousand dollars and get away with still having a difference left over now all of this is going to depend on what kind of business you want to start so make sure that you speak to an immigration lawyer that can help you as regards this.

So another way you can perhaps minimize your investment risk is by

2. Putting some of the funds into an escrow account

By putting money into an escrow account you would be able to get that money back in the event that you are not approved for an E2 Visa now this is great because instead of subjecting all of your money to a total loss only part of your money will be subject to loss but the other part that isn’t an escrow account can be returned to you so at least you haven’t lost a hundred percent of what you’ve invested.

so I’m glad you stayed for my last and final tip which is

3. Do not lose hope

Because in the event that you are denied you will always be able to reapply now I definitely recommend reapplying making sure that you are meeting the requirements a little bit more closely than you did the first time you applied in order to improve your chances for Success now you want to make sure that by putting your funds at risk you are creating the best case scenario for you and for your future business


I’m sure that with an E-2 Visa it may or may not just be you traveling to the United States you might have other dependents that are also relying on for a successful E-2 Visa so it’s always free to send us an email we’d be more than happy to help you I have helped lots of business owners through in a trademark lawyer capacity I want to help you secure your visa to bring your business ideas to the US because you know that you will succeed and all you need is an opportunity tell us in the comments below what business you are planning on starting and how much of an investment you would like to make.